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Fastlline is revolutionizing the way people maintain their homes and offices. Homeowners, tenants, businesses spend tens of thousands of rupees every year on necessary maintenance & repair. The time spent searching for qualified technicians is phenomenal and often clients are left unsatisfied with the quality of work done.

We are offers membership plans to our customers that start at very affordable prices. These maintenance packages include free monthly visits by our qualified team of handymen who perform tasks like drain cleaning, pipe leak checks, water geyser and general plumbing systems maintenance. These checks also cover maintenance and repair related to electricity such as wiring checks, capacitors and light bulb replacements, plug replacements, breakers circuit checks etc. We further offer heating & air conditioning (HVAC) and generator maintenance services in our premium packages. By regularly scheduling maintenance and repair services, homeowners and offices can save money and time and hence prevent damage to their valuable property! Fastlline is your one window solution to all your maintenance & repair needs!

Our prices are affordable. Home Packages start at as low as Rs. 1,000 per month only and feature free monthly visits (for maintenance & repair) as well as exclusive discounts on non-maintenance / new work. Additionally, members never have to pay any fixed visit fees. Quarterly and annual payment options are available. Note that a minimum membership period of 3 months will apply. Memberships only cover free visits/labor and do include price for parts/materials. Please contact us for more information about our Corporate and Home Packages.

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