ZANOTY Kitchen Highly Absorbent 100% Pure Cotton Kitchen Flour Sack Towels, 28 x 28 Inches, Value Pack of 12, Kitchen Towels, Washable Luxury Tea Towels, Linen Kitchen Towels for Multiple uses


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Absorbability: This synthetic piece is nothing more than a magic when it comes to absorbability. The microfiber cloth has become a necessity of every home as it can absorb up to 7 times more than its actual weight in water. With these washcloths, spills, grease, grime and dirt will not be pushed away, but will be collected in the cloth.
Multiple Purpose Cleaner: When it comes to the uses of this microfiber cleaning cloth, it is useful for all either it’s a homemaker or a professional baker. You can use it in your home for dusting, wiping tables and countertops, cleaning mirrors, windows, wooden surfaces, screens, electronic devices, etc. It is quite useful in cars as well. Other than personal uses, it is an effective cleaner for professional spaces as well.
Streak-free Disinfectant: Do you know the microfiber rag has a slight positive charge which is why it can attract negatively charged dust particles providing you a spic and span space? Due to high absorbability and charge, this cloth saves your time and energy while cleaning glass, mirrors and other surfaces keeping them absolutely streak free.
Ultra Quick Drying: The soothing softness of these cleaning rags comes up with quick drying quality. Whenever you wipe dishes, tabletops, car interior, your supplies, devices, or other accessories, you will see that the cloth is not wet, the moisture vanishes completely.
Machine Washable: Unlike paper towels, these kitchen cleaning towels are not disposable. You can reuse them again and again. Whenever you find it dirty, simply you can wash these wipes for house usage. All you need is a washing machine, 40C water temperature and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals.



TOP-NOTCH QUALITY MATERIAL AND FINE STITCHING: The flour sack dish towels are made from 100% natural cotton with long fibers that make them softer and extra-durable. The extra-fine stitching with tight consistent weave and hemmed edges gives the tea towels an elegant and neat look, making them long-lasting.
VALUE PACK AND STANDARD SIZE: 2 VALUE PACKS AVAILABLE! Get your hands on the flour sack kitchen towels of 6 pieces or 12 pieces value pack, all according to your need. The premium white-colored elegant towels are 28*28 inches in size hence, are suitable for every kitchen.
VERSATILE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: In the kitchen, the flour sack towel can be used for wiping spills, cleaning hands, drying dishes, staining, and for holding hot plates. These white dish towels for the kitchen can also be used for other purposes in homes, hotels, restaurants, and gyms. The use of paper towels is reduced by introducing these luxury tea towels.
EASY CARE: Tired of buying low-quality towels every month? Meet these premium cotton kitchen dish towels that are machine washable and reusable without shrinking. Also, they become more soft, fluffy, and absorbent after you wash them in the machine, by retaining their durability.
HIGHLY-ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRYING: The cotton dish towels for kitchen are super absorbable due to the natural fibers that make them absorb the moisture six times of themselves. Extremely light-weight and compact tea towels are breathable and can be dried in no time.


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